Our Story

Exceptional income producing investments are hard for investors to find. Ones that can also provide solid capital growth are even more scarce. At SJS Real Estate Partners, our mission is to deliver both, and we’re doing it. Today our combined holdings include investments in 42 properties with 5,019 apartment units, and much more to come. These are the kind of private deals that people sometimes hear about, but rarely get to be a part of. Until now.  


Launched in June 2015, SJS I invested in 6 multi-family residential properties with 364 apartment units acquired for $19.2 Million. The results have been remarkable. SJS I’s private placement offering was fully subscribed within its first 60 days. As early as the 4th quarter of 2015, SJS I began paying its investors regular quarterly distributions of income from the properties, and we’ve been doing it ever since. How is SJS I performing? Our quarterly distributions of income are already paying investors double-digit cash on cash returns. And in addition to the income, the value of the properties have appreciated so significantly that three of the properties were able to be refinanced after only one year. As a result, we’ve already returned over 26% of our investor’s capital back to them much earlier than projected, and have substantial equity in the properties. Exceptional income combined with capital solid growth – SJS I is delivering on its mission.


To continue all the momentum and success achieved with SJS I, we launched SJS Real Estate Partners II, LLC in March 2016. Using the identical strategy for our second, larger fund, during the next nine months SJS II invested in 11 mutli-family residential properties with 1,557 apartment units acquired for a total of $70 Million. And beginning with the 2nd quarter of 2016, SJS II has been paying investors regular quarterly distributions of income from the properties, with cash on cash returns that are following the same robust path as SJS I. In addition to the income, the value of some properties have appreciated so dramatically, that one of the properties was successfully refinanced after only one year, and two more are expected to be completed by Q3 2018. As a result, SJS II is returning capital back to its investors much earlier than projected, and there’s substantial equity in many of the properties. Once again, exceptional income combined with solid capital growth – SJS II is delivering on its mission just like SJS I.


With our name firmly established, we launched SJS Real Estate Partners III, LLC in January 2017. It sold out with over 90% of all the units being taken by investors from SJS I and SJS II – a true testament to how happy they are with the results we’re delivering. SJS III began paying investors regular quarterly distributions of income for its first quarter, and have been doing so every quarter since. By January 2018, SJS III was fully invested in 21 apartment properties totaling 2,651 units, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on our mission of providing exceptional income and solid capital growth with the same level of success as SJS I and SJS II.

SJS IV – Recently Released!

All combined, SJSI, SJS II and SJS III are invested in 38 apartment properties with a total of 4,572 units acquired for over $200 Million. That’s an extraordinary achievement since first launching in June 2015, and what makes it even more remarkable is the exceptional income and capital growth we’re already delivering to our investors. To continue all the success, we recently released SJS Real Estate Partners IV LLC, which will be our largest and most diversified fund yet. Four properties have already been acquired totaling 447 apartment units with several more under contract, and when completed, we anticipate approximately 30-40 properties will be acquired with an estimated 7,000 apartment units. Keep in mind that when we launched SJS III last year, it sold out with 92% of all units being taken by investors from SJS I and SJS II. While that was a true testament to our performance, it left very little for others. That’s why you should contact us early for information about SJS IV, and if the income and capital growth is right for you, be sure to let us know.

Stewart Wilson, CEO

Mr. Wilson has a long family history in real estate that dates back over 80 years. Beginning with his grandfather Sidney who started in the 1930’s, his father James who began in the 1950’s, followed by Stewart in 1985, his goal has been to carry forward that over 80 year tradition of success – thus the name “SJS”. And with investments in over 40 apartment properties that are expected to nearly double by 2020, Mr. Wilson is clearly continuing that tradition of success to the benefit of all his partners.

In addition to having a family history in real estate spanning three generations, Stewart Wilson has been an executive in the investment brokerage business for over 35 years. Mr. Wilson became an active member of the futures industry in 1982. Within a few years, he founded his own firm, Strauss & Company, Inc., a full service brokerage firm providing investors and traders worldwide with access to a wide range of alternative investments traded on major exchanges in the United States and Europe. Through several acquisitions and mergers over the years, Mr. Wilson grew the firm into what today is known as Ironrock Financial.

By combining his over 35 years of knowledge and experience in global financial markets with his deep family roots in real estate dating back over 80 years, Mr. Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge, business savvy and financial expertise to SJS Real Estate Partners that is rarely found.